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Testimonials from last year's course participants

Wood Badge is so well organized. I can see how each principle taught builds on the other.

Very relevant. Everyone who told me this course was useful was 100% correct.

Depth of information was great. Servant Leader, that’s what I aspire to be.

So thankful to all the staff and participants for their help and encouragement.

I have already used some of the things I learned and will use it all to make Scouting better.

This course has opened my eyes and made me realize that there is more to Scouting than just my Pack. Now I know that there are others out there who share a similar passion for Scouting.

Very powerful, emotional, professional delivery. It provided us with all the tools needed to succeed. Thank you for your hard work.

I have gained inner growth in myself that I didn’t expect. The words “thank you” cannot be expressed enough.

Terrific job — I learned something or gained new insights in every presentation.

I have seen training at work, but not this way! It sticks and has a lot more meaning and weight.

It’s a total change of outlook, not just in regards to Scouting but in life!

Very helpful, not only for Scouting but as an employer/employee, husband, father … person.

Enjoyed every moment and would do it again, and again and again.